IHR Labor 1100.


In addition to professional laboratory medical examinations as well as quick and competent diagnosis, we also ensure
YOUR LABORATORY 1100 around 25 highly trained employees also for reliable special examinations such as the collection of drug urine under view and swabs of all kinds.

The well-being of the many small patients is particularly important to us.

Of course, Priv.-Doz. Dr. Franz Ratzinger, PhD and his team are also available to answer any questions regarding the findings. We strive to communicate with as many patients as possible in their native language and to care for them as personally as possible. In addition to German and English, our team also speaks Spanish, Croatian, Serbian, Polish, Romanian and Turkish.


Your contact persons at IHR LABOR 1100:

PD. Dr. Franz Ratzinger, PhD, MBA
E: info1100@ihrlabor.at
T: +43 1 604 91 19

information +43 1 604 91 19
Home visit registration +43 1 604 91 19 49