Times for

special examinations.

Opening hours:
We are open Mon-Thur 7am – 6pm and Fri 7am – 4pm.
You do not need to make an appointment.
Please note that special examinations can only be performed at certain times.

Here you will find costs for special analyzes, which are to be paid privately.

Times for special examinations:

Blood sample collection (fasting not necessary) Mon-Fri 7am – 3pm
Blood sample collection (fasting)
(for blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, homocysteine, crosslaps and aldosterone tests, until 9am)
Mon-Fri 7am – 11am
Oral glucose tolerance test Please call us beforehand to make an appointment
Thrombosis test Mon, Wed, Fri 11am – 1pm
Urine drug tests Mon-Thurs 11am – 5pm
Fri 11am – 3pm
Microbiological culture swabs Mon-Fri 7am – 3pm
Occupational medical tests Please call us beforehand to make an appointment
Cell function tests and special analyses only Mon-Thurs 7am – 11am